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We seek to assist our community in whatever ways we can.  For some the house hold items and clothing that we offer free of charge help them meet needs within their family.  For others, having a place to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and doughnut amongst friends is enough.  Still others are facing difficult issues in their lives and need a helping hand.  For these, we offer Biblical counseling.  Our commitment to God's word as sufficient for the problems of life motivates us to seek to help others apply that word to their trials and hurts.  


If you are in need of counsel, and would like to see how God's word speaks to those needs, please contact us to set up an appointment or just visit us on a Thursday and ask to speak with a counselor.  As with our household items, our counseling is always offered free of charge.

Office:  715.919.8944

Cell:  502.759.1631


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